Practice Areas


I support clients with strategic divorce advice and can assist you in protecting your family and your finances. Contact the law office to schedule a consultation regarding:

  • Divorce or dissolution of a domestic partnership, and issues of property division
  • Child custody cases, paternity suits, as well as child support
  • Spousal support
  • Protective orders in cases of domestic violence

DUI/Traffic/Driver’s License Reinstatement
Regardless of your DUI arrest concern I am ready to discuss your case and help you sort through your options regarding your DUI including, but not limited to, fighting your case, applying for an interim driver's license, and/or reinstating your driver’s license.  If you have a DUI case in Illinois, the decision to fight or plead guilty could affect the rest of your life.  I am committed to a philosophy of vigorously defending your DUI case.  I promise that I'll do everything I can, within the bounds of legal ethics, to prevail in your DUI case.

The law office deals with all aspects of immigration law and is familiar with navigating the confusing, complicated and stressful system of immigration in the United States.  Contact me to schedule a consultation if: 

  • you, or a family member, are facing deportation or removal proceedings before an immigration judge in an immigration court, I can assist you in your defense against the allegations
  • you want to receive all the benefits that U.S. citizenship has to offer, I can assist you in the naturalization and citizenship process
  • you need assistance in family-based visas, waivers, consular applications and adjustment of status cases
  • you want an assessment on the effects of your criminal charge on your immigration case

The law firm recognizes that it may be difficult to start fresh after a criminal conviction.  A criminal conviction can prevent you from obtaining employment.  In order to facilitate a fresh start, your case may be eligible for expungement so that the public does not have access to it.   Contact the office for an appointment to determine whether your case is eligible for this important form of relief.

Real Estate
I routinely represent in real estate transactions on behalf of buyers and sellers. I have experience in short sales and foreclosure sales.  Contact me to:

  • assist you in structuring your real estate transaction, including preparation of purchase agreements, required disclosures, and other necessary documentation, to ensure a smooth and legally binding transaction
  • if the paperwork has already been prepared, I can review it and advise you of any concerns or changes which should be implemented to protect your legal interests and minimize the chances of a future legal problem

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